Unlimited Free Calls From Pc To Mobile

Unlimited Free Calls From Pc To Mobile..WOW ISNT DAT AWESOME

* Argentina free*
* Australia free*
* Austria free*
* Belgium free*
* Canada free*
* Czech Republic free*
* Denmark free*
* France free*
* Germany free*
* Hong Kong (+mobile) free*
* Hungary free*
* Ireland free*
* Italy free*
* Luxembourg free*
* Malaysia free*
* Netherlands free*
* New Zealand free*
* Norway free*
* Poland free*
* Portugal free*
* Puerto Rico (+mobile) free*
* Russian Federation [moscow] free*
* Russian Federation [st Petersburg] free*
* Singapore free*
* Slovenia free*
* Spain free*
* Sweden free*
* Switzerland free*
* Taiwan free*
* United Kingdom free*
* United States (+mobile) free*

(Note:If its says No free Calls Then Reinstall the Software and Restart Ur Pc and U will get free calls again do it again and again)

Enjoy The Calling..............


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